Joop van der Linden – trombone

Joop first dreamed of playing in the local fanfare, after having watched them play a serenade to his neighbour. He must have been about 9 by that time. That dream was not too hard to fulfill, but as dreams do it had already been replaced by another: to be a professional musician.
So he auditioned, and a few years later graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory, both in jazz and classical music. His main teacher was the well-known jazz-trombone player Bart van Lier.
In the meantime he played in fanfare orchestras, chamber music ensembles, and symphony orchestras. But his attention was drawn to other styles of music, and he got involved in latin and salsa music, reggae, african pop music, and jazz. Nowadays, he likes to play and compose music that puts it all, or at least some parts, together. His main group, besides De Jongens Driest, is the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.
In his spare time, Joop likes to play electric guitar in a rock band. What else to do for a trombone player with a taste for heavy metal!

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