Arno Bakker – Sousaphone

One Tuesday afternoon at the age of eight his mother took Arno Bakker to the local town hall, where he picked the biggest horn from about a dozen instruments. He joined Fanfare Oerterp, and was first educated to be a baritone horn player – some years later to he was also taught to play the trombone. He joined the fanfare in concerts and marches, but lost interest in early puberty. He set up a schoolband and played music in the school’s plays. And although he studied Dutch literature, a greater part of his focus stayed with music and theatre. He spent a year in UK, playing folk, cajun, ska, latin and trad jazz, followed by a year in an army band, the Fanfarekorps der Limburgse Jagers. Around that time he also played in the ska band Jammah Tammah.
Unlike other sousaphone players that try to remain invisible in bigger orchestras, Arno now mainly plays smaller bands. He’s involved in Marockin’ Brass, Sâlt and De Jongens Driest. He’s been known to sit in regularly with his friends in the UK, and was an all-star at the St. Lucia jazzfestival.
He acts as agent/ bookkeeper/ tourmanager for De Jongens Driest and Sâlt, and is involved in festival production (NoorderslagWeekend)

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