with string quartet

The UK Swaledale festival, june 2006, asked us if we would be interested in doing a thing together with a classical string quartet.
At the festival, all of Shostakovitch’s string quartets would be played by a selection of the UK’s (and abroad) finest string quartets.
So we arranged a few tunes for the seven players, and got to Swaledale.
“Our” string quartet was the Contempo String Quartet, four Rumanians who live in Galway, Ireland.
It did not take us too long to rehearse the material, in one of those lovely old churches, so we felt confident about the show.
Next day, in another church, the sounds combined proved magic.

So, one year later, the Contempos invited us over to Galway to appear at the Galway Arts Festival. Some more arrangements were made, and a concert was played.

In 2009 we flew to Galway, again, with even more material, and the plans to record some of the music.
Unfortunately, Janfie could not be there, but we had the best replacement we could dream of: Matt Darriau.
We did a concert, a recording session and some workshops. Some of the music can be heard in the player.


Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!