DJDBQ [brass quintet]

De Jongens Driest team up with Michael Vatcher and Matt Darriau. Coming August this new quintet will kick off with a project for the ZomerJazzFietsTour. In September 2011 and March 2012 we will get this band on the road for the first time.

When De Jongens Driest first met Michael Vatcher there was a serious click. The mutual feeling was that this was something to go for. The quartet did a number of concerts, Radio Bremen did a broadcast, and we ended up with a CD. But a different approach was needed. The trio, being a well greased machinery, often overpowered the quartet. Not just in the number and geografic spread of concerts, but also in a musical sense. This needed a different repertoire, a deepening from being a trio plus a drummer. This needed to be a band.

Then we were invited to do a one-off concert with Michael and Matt Darriau, and it all clicked into place. This quintet promised all we were looking for. We found the same timing in jokes, moaning and eating as in playing. The voices touched, and the horns sounded better than ever. We worked with Matt since, and the click stayed. It feels great, and we know we have something beautiful here.

Being the minimal brass band De Jongens Driest is, we are limited in harmonic colouring and easy-flowing grooves. Where other bands usually lean heavily on guitars or keys, we can only produce a single breath-driven note at the time.

In the harmonics Matt’s extra voice makes a world of difference. In the grooves we need to insinuate or fake – or simply keep the pumpin’ up. Michael delivers stress and relief. In the interaction Matt and Michael bring us up, down, and over the hill. No longer De Jongens Driest, the quintet finds new sound and dynamics.

The quintet’s music is the result of a wide range of inspiration. Some bring balkan & klezmer to the band (hardly surprising with members from the Klezmatics and the Amsterdam Klezmer Band). Some bring second line, free jazz, salsa, highlife or punkrock. We have expert groovers and expert tension keepers. Our approach comes from improvised music. Our attitude from lust. So you’re in for an eclectic concert in good spirit, where five skilled voices will move you, absorp you, surprise you and raise you right up.

We simply named it De Jongens Driest Brass Quintet. You can find the first DJDBQ recordings in our musicplayer to your right…


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