Live in Leer

De Jongens Driest & Michael Vatcher
Live in Leer

Year of release: 2002
Rare 044

from the cd cover:

…So why play with a drummer?… Because of the solid basis in rhythm, every single one in the trio can play around with their timing. You can even quit playing without the whole structure collapsing immediately. This makes the grooves more flexible, easier to change without falling off line! … a drummer like Michael Vatcher is a gift. Skills, wit, weird stories and hakkebord make him an experience. He adds spirit and ingenuity to the band. So you end up with a completely new attitude within the band, in fact it is a totally new band, a totally new concept…


1. Liquor War

2. Otrobanda

3. Mazzeltof Dances

4. Guarda Che Luna

5. Samba d’Orfeo

6. Payback

7. Mesacina


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