01 Introduction 02 Liquor War (live in Galway) van Strien 2008 03 Thirteen (live in Kazan) van der Linden 2007 04 Otrobanda (live in Cheboksary) van der Linden 2007 05 While My Lady Sleeps (live in Kazan) Kahn and Kaper 2007 06 Samba d’Orfeo (live in Kazan) Bonfá 2007 07 Mesecina (live in Kazan) Bregovic/traditional 2007 After the turn of the century mini-fanfare De Jongens Driest went off on journeys abroad. Aluminium birds took them to South-Africa, Ireland or Russia. Motorised coaches wheeled them to the Atlantic and the Volga. West met East, and De Jongens Driest played for folks they could not have a conversation with. In theatres seating up to nine hundred people you could have heard a pin drop when the trio delivered whispers and firework. And the music spoke. This simple 6 tune CD shares some of our memories with you, listener. These are snapshots of De Jongens Driest, recorded in black and white. These are caught moments in which the audience became one with our music. Here we captured listeners and musicians in a single breathtaking picture. Please enjoy these live recordings from Galway (Ir, track 1), Чебоксары Cheboksary (Ru, track 3) and Казань Kasan (Ru)


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