III (Three)

De Jongens Driest

Year of release: 2005
Rare 048

from the cd cover:

…A show by De Jongens Driest is not just any concert. The trio packs the vast richness gathered. Yet they deliver all this music they love through the smallest brassband possible. They stripped their fanfare to the bone: melody, harmony and bass, played on soprano saxophone, trombone and sousaphone. Missing drums? Chet Baker said it thus – or likewise: a player with a good internal beat does not need the noise of a drummer. And they bring themselves. De Jongens Driest have to give all to keep a tune going. Not just to play the basics, but also to imply all things missing, like rhythms and more complex chords. They play with energy and eagerness. Three virtuoso musicians, not stuck to one particular style, toying about with all music they like…


1. Otrobanda (vd Linden)

2. Electra (vd Linden)

3. While My Lady Sleeps (Kahn & Kaper)

4. Crash Bash (vd Linden)

5. Liquor War (v Strien)

6. This Is The Day

7. Blue Hora (v Strien)

8. Red Mango (v Strien)

9. Thirteen (vd Linden)

10. Mesacina (Bregovic)

11. Grandma’s Draidel (Katz)


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