Driest, Paci, Vatcher

Driest, Paci, Vatcher

Year of release: 2002
Rare 043

from the cd cover:

…This particular occasion started when De Jongens Driest were asked to do a special project, bring some guests, and tour it all through Holland. It took us four days to do the tour (Holland is amazingly small!), and we travelled to Groningen (the Grand Theatre), Rotterdam (Nighttown), Utrecht (SJU jazzpodium) and of course Amsterdam (Bimhuis) …

…Roy Paci, a Sicilian trumpet player, who had been out on the road with several bands, like the Ex-orkest, his ska band Aretuska and his jazz band Zero Tolerance. A keen musician, who, like us, has worked on various musical projects at the same time and is also interested in brass music, ska and food…


1. New Freilach

2. Cut Your Coat According to Your Size

3. Jenin

4. Bo-wevil

5. Liquor War

6. Volle Maan

7. Guarda che Luna


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