DJD en Fanfare CWO

De Jongens Driest
Michael Vatcher

Fanfareorkest CWO

Year of release: 2007
Rare 049

from the cd cover:

De Jongens Driest and Groningen’s best fanfare orchestra CWO got together and started a beautiful project. New compositions were commisioned and written, compositions with the kick-ass (pardon) jazz approach from De Jongens Driest and the distinctive sound of CWO.

Super Dutch Fanfare combined with De Jongens Driest’s inspirations: jazz, world-folk, well, what not?

This album was recorded live in Bimhuis, Amsterdam


1. Koraal en Blues voor IJssy (J. van der Linden)

2. Dit (J. van der Linden)

3. Piga Masoga (J. van Strien)

4. Blue Hora (J. van Strien)

5. Prozaic Relief  (J. van der Linden)

6. Switch (G. Ammerlaan)

7. Driest (O. van Geel)

8. Somebody Open the Window (M. Moore)

9. Thirteen (vd Linden)

10. Mesacina (Bregovic)

11. Grandma’s Draidel (Katz)


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